The Role of Principal

Sultan Muhammad

Principal is the most important person in a school. Every thing depends on him. The importance of the principal and viewing him as a leader is not a new concept. If a principal is a good leader, the school will have success stories. A good principal is do not afraid others people skills and wisdom but he use there skills and wisdom for the improvement of institution. It is the quality of a leader to share leadership with others and turn them in to good leader from them. Principal is not an instructional person, he did not teach he supervise, he guide other how to teach, what to teach and when to teach.
1.               Shape staff roles for teachers and allocate time for meetings.
2.               Keep the school's goals head of all things and try to achieve these goals
3.               Works closely with distract education office to ensure the school remain on the right track to achieve goals.
4.               principal create budget for annual spending and repair of school if any, also create schedule for school which is best for teacher and teaching learning process.
5.               Ensure to achieve academic expectations, and fulfill the challenging curriculum requirements and it objectives,
6.               Create team of teachers to monitor the school performance and create future leader for school administration.
7.               Build strong relationships between teachers, students and community.
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