Federer - Nadal - Djokovic- Variety on the Platter-Wimbledon First Round Analysis.

Federer - Nadal - Djokovic- The top 3 contenders for Wimbledon 2011: Post-Match (First Round) and Comments Analysis:
All 3 started with a tough first set followed by some easy play in the next 2 sets. Federer won the first set in a tie breaker 7-6 (7-2), Nadal was down 4-2 in the first set and then won 6-4, Djokovic was 4-4 and then won the first set 6-4. Final Score:
Federer- 7-6,6-4,6-2.
Nadal- 6-4,6-2,6-2.

They are looking better and confident than the previous year. Federer has improved his serve and is hitting some of the sweetest volleys, Nadal is playing some breathtaking tennis with unbelievable winners, and Djokovic has become the best returner of the serve outplaying Murray in this department.

But what is most interesting is to see their comments and the way they handle the pressure and chances of winning this grand slam: 

"So it feels like if things go well for me, I can go extremely far here."- Roger Federer:

My Opinion: He is the most honest of all the players on the circuit and he says what is true and logical. He accepts when he is not the favorite (how relieved he was during French Open 2011) and when he is under pressure .His post-match comment shows that he knows that he has a strong chance of winning  this tournament if he continues to play well. He accepted that he has an eye on equaling Pete Sampras record. And frankly speaking, who wouldn’t have their eye set on it? Listening to him is like music to the ears, calm, soft and true to heart

“Let’s not talk about what might happen in 12 days. I might be here or I might be home fishing in Majorca,”- Rafael Nadal

My Opinion: He is currently the best player in the world and I think he has known this for long time. But to me, he always seems to downplay the reality and put off the pressure from him. Be it French Open or Wimbledon here, his approach is always to put focus on others so that he can play his natural game. There is nothing wrong in this approach but as a fan I don’t feel like listening to his post-match comments because I know that he won’t be telling the reality. The reality is that he has a very strong chance to repeat his 2008 & 2010 performances (Back to back French open and Wimbledon). Fishing in Majorca? Really- Are we so dumb to believe that?

"(Nadal and Federer) deserve the roles of the favorites in this tournament. I am one of those players behind who is trying to work hard and wait for his chance."- Novak Djokovic

My Opinion: After Federer my heart goes to him as here is one player who is really becoming into a gem of tennis. His statement if analyzed deeply shows how much hard work he has put in  and this might be the chance he has been waiting for. In the past, people have not liked him for his whining and mockery of players, but he is showing signs of gradually developing into a class champion. For e.g.: The relaxed manner with which he handled his French open defeat against Federer.
"I didn't play to the level that I could but I played well. He just played better. It was unfortunate that the loss had to come at that time but that's sport. I have lost before; I know what it feels like. You just move on.”
This is a player who is feeling more confident day by day to oust FEDAL and take the number one spot. Listening to him, one realizes that every player is human. One doesn’t need to be Federer or Nadal, by hard work you can beat Nadal 4 times in a year and Federer 3 times. A feat one would have thought to be impossible last year (something Murray can also take inspiration from.)

All in all, the above comments reflects the attitude of 3 of the most amazing players in tennis:

Federer- Work Hard And Accept The Reality
Nadal- Work Hard And Downplay The Reality

Djokovic- Work Hard And Wait For A Chance To Change The Reality.

What do you think?

(Disclaimer- These are my personal opinions and are not intended to hurt anyone's feelings. If you disagree, you are most welcome to discuss.)

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