Purpose of Administration

By Sultan Muhammad

Administration is derived from Latin word ministiare which mean to serve, so administration mean to serve. In broad view it mean to support the people in an organisation to help them to achieve there goals. In other words it is the art of managing organisation resources and provides support to those who needed to achieve the aims and objective of organisation.

s with stafIn organisation Administration is not the end, but it is to help the organization in implementation the plan to achieve the goals. With out good administration an excellent plan could end in Garbage, so as the money. As in the example of Pakistan, we can see that in planning and formulating the plan. And we produce excellent plans but we have not the skill or the will to implement them with the right sprit. While in the other hand other countries like Korea opt for our plans and they implemented with right sprit today they are role model in 3rd world countries even for us.

A good administration means the skill to implement the laws of the organisation in a way that it helps the organisation to achieve the goals. Good administration require in time decision making skill, so the operation go smooth. The other factor which are very necessary for good administration, The Administrator. How administrator run his day to day activities, how he deal, does he have the communication skills and nerves to deal in complex situations?

Today we have different types of administration in different filed. All differ from filed to field. Every organisation have their own way of administration to reach their goals by supporting there professional staff and to communicate the line agencies.

In educational administration the aim of the organisation is to organise the administration at different level of organisation to help the staff to achieve their aims which lead to the goal of organisation to facilitate the educational institutions to provide better education.

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