30 second Manager

30 Second Manager By Sultan Muhammad

Review of the book

30 second manger is written by Faiez Seyal, it is a very good and interesting book. The main theme of this book is leadership that is highlighted from its title 30 second manger.

The objectives of this review are

n To review the book 30 second manager using the reviewing techniques.
n To Provide a brief introduction of the author and his books


About the author, Faiez Seyal is a professional management consultant and authority on the philosophy of change. Faiez Seyal is the man who brings a positive to our society; he is the man of vision, who can see for beyond where no common man can see. He writes several books using his experience of life long,
He is a well known public speaker and know for his life-changing seminars like " "Born Again", "The Road to Success", Six Discipline", "Change Your Lens, Change Your World", "30 Second Manager", etc

This book has three main parts,
· Human Resource Management
· Issues (finance etc)
· Leadership

In first section the author highlight the problems and issues of human resource management, how to improve the performance of the staff and how to recruit. He Explain in very detail the selection and recruitment process and to improve the performance by involving them in the whole process. He put stress on the solving problem of the staff so they can give attention to their work, according to him a happy employ is the asset of the company.

In part two he address the issues regarding basic managerial matters, communications gaps and problems, finance related issues and other problem related to manager. He especially put emphasis on the communication for the managers; a good communicator is always a good manager. He eliminates the gap between him and his staff member and understands the problems and need of his staff

The author also put emphasis on the finance related issues which manager face every day and how to overcome these problem, how to manage the these problem so it not effect the performance of the employees

In the final section he discus the leadership and changes, according to the author a leader should be always dynamic, he should be the man of change, introduce new ideas, quick decision making quality and always ready to accepts good suggestion and implement them

The author has great knowledge of Islam and knew the rules of Islamic leadership, he mention these rules for the a good leader;
· Ready to accept suggestion
· Model for the society
· Respect the people
· To Help the people
· Communication skills
· Dynamic in nature
· Man of words

In this book he used the guide lines of Islam to solve every day problems. The primary purpose of this is to enhance the performance of corporations and improve the organisation from within. This book is also very good for those individuals who are willing or at the position of a leader or manager.
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